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Queremos eliminar el plástico de nuestra vida cotidiana.
¿Te ayudamos?

En Vaniva proporcionamos alternativas prácticas para reducir el consumo de plástico en nuestro día a día.

Los productos compuestos de materiales biológicos y no derivados del petróleo representan un avance en materia de reducción de residuos plásticos que están creando un grave impacto medioambiental al acabar en nuestros bosques, ríos y mares. Está al alcance de todos nosotros revertir esta tendencia y aportar nuestro granito de arena en la lucha contra la contaminación que afecta a nuestro planeta.


At Vaniva Group, we focus on understanding your business issues so we can provide actionable insights that will help you make impactful decisions to drive growth.


• Bambú, diámetros: 22cm, 28cm
• Almidón de maíz
• Cartón
• Almidón de maíz
• Azúcar de caña

Strategy Developement

Vaniva Group helps African start-ups and established companies win as regional and global champions, and multinationals build high-impact African operations.

Our team of expert consultants supports business leaders and investors on their top strategic issues and works close with management to find high impact and relevant personalised solutions that will have a direct positive impact in the future of their business.

Vaniva Group has successfully partnered with global companies looking to expand their business in key Sub-Saharan markets, by leveraging on extensive local networks to drive their sales and business development strategies, search for key partners and distributors, and achieve market penetration objectives.


Our team´s extensive experience in sales and business development in Africa, positions Vaniva Group to be your company’s business development partner on the ground.

Expert in international affairs and negotiation, our team leverages a broad network in key Sub-Saharan markets to:

• Actively search for key partners, distributors, investors or investees


• Boost international negotiation and conclusion of partnership agreements


• Manage long-term relations with your partners globally


Vaniva Capital, a subsidiary of Vaniva Group, is a Venture Capital investment firm focused on impact investments across multiple sectors.

Vaniva Capital looks to invest in early-stage companies, seeking a first round of investment through more advanced stages. We focus, although not exclusively, on IT and Renewable Energy start-ups with:

• A high-growth market, based on the potential to bridge an existing developmental gap.


• Scalability and ability to reach profitability shortly after funding.


• A motivated and cohesive management team with a strong ability to execute on the business plan.

Vaniva Capital helps start-ups grow into successful companies by leveraging key relationships and strategic guidance, as well as ensuring additional capital for long-term growth.

Vaniva Capital’s partners have combined decades of experience in African markets, wide industry expertise and deep relationships across sectors. By providing invaluable resources and networks, we are able to work with the start-ups to realise outsized growth.

The Company

As Africa emerges as the next business frontier, Vaniva Group is born of the idea that business and investment opportunities need to meet the market dynamics that make a company succeed in the region.

The founder and consultants that make up our team have extensive knowledge of the missing pieces that transform any start-up or larger project in Sub-Saharan Africa into successful returns for its stakeholders. This, together with the ability of the founder to bring experiences gathered in Europe, Asia and Africa, gives Vaniva Group a unique character that will play a key role in your Sub-Saharan expansion success.


To bridge key market gaps in Sub-Saharan Africa through impact investing, by helping multinational, regional and local companies grow successfully for all stakeholders.


To play a critical role in making local and global businesses an economical and social success in the largest Sub-Saharan economies.

the founder

Adriana de la Cruz Duffo

Adriana has over 10 years experience in business development and international affairs and 5 years of on-the-ground sales and business development experience in Sub-Saharan Africa. Following her educational years in Barcelona and Paris, Adriana first forayed outside Europe into South East Asia and after a successful stint there, moved to Sub-Saharan Africa, where she managed several projects in different countries.

Adriana saw the early potential in Africa and has since successfully consulted for multinational companies and startups looking to expand their businesses in the region and has helped local companies increase visibility and trade globally.

Vaniva Group is created in order to fulfill Adriana’s vision to bridge key market gaps in Sub-Saharan Africa though impact investing, by helping multinational, regional and local companies grow successfully for all stakeholders.

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